Here are some of the regular questions that we are asked.

How much does it cost to hire the village hall?

This will depend upon the type of event you are organising. We generally hire the hall out in morning, afternoon and evening sessions, but this can be varied if you are making a regular booking for a club or group. For current rates, please see the Prices page on our website.

How do I book the village hall?

Get in touch with the Bookings Secretary who will be able to check whether your required date is available. This can be done by emailing bookings@braunstonvillagehall.co.uk. See the How to Book website page for booking details

What are the Terms and Conditions?

When you make a booking the full terms and conditions will be sent to you; these are fairly standard T&Cs similar to most village halls.
We also have some additional conditions if you are holding a party or social event which clarify some activities relating to potentially noisy gatherings

Does the person who makes the booking have to be present at the event?

If the person hiring the hall is not going to be present, then the names of one or more responsible people who are going to be present must be supplied when booking.

What if I need to cancel?

A full refund will be given if you cancel up to two weeks before your booking. Within two weeks of the booking it is at our discretion, but we do try to be as reasonable as possible. For wedding bookings, different terms apply which we will advise you of with our wedding information.

What insurance does the village hall have?

The Hall has the necessary public liability insurance. If you are a commercial hirer you must provide your own public liability insurance.


We want to make the hall a great place to hire and that involves keeping our neighbours happy, so we ask that no amplified music is played after 11pm. Please respect our neighbours and keep any noise level to a minimum both when using the hall or entering and leaving it.
We have a sound limiter installed in the hall which will monitor the decibel levels, give warning when they exceed our limit, and cut power if the sound level persists for longer than a certain period.

Can I smoke in the hall?

No. Silly question.

Are dogs and pets welcome in the village hall?

No, the only exceptions are official guide or assistance dogs.

Do you have a car park?

There is no car park at the hall, so parking is on road in the village which is generally not a problem. We do ask that you observe the usual courtesies when parking, bearing in mind that we are a rural village so large agricultural vehicles or horseboxes may need access to properties.

Do you have Wifi?

Yes, free wifi is available throughout the hall at an average speed of 25 mbps

What are your toilet facilities?

We have toilets for both ladies and gents and a disabled toilet.

Do you have baby changing facilities?

Yes, there is a baby changing table in the disabled loo.

Do you have stage lighting?


Do you have a PA system?

Yes, we have a system with a microphone and 8 speakers around the hall; it can play from any device such as phone, ipad or laptop. Full instructions on use are here.

Do you have a projector or display equipment?


What about access to the hall for those with disabilities?

We have a ramp to gain access to the hall and a toilet for the disabled. There are level floors throughout the hall.

Is there a hearing loop?


Where is the first aid kit?

There is a first aid kit, and eye wash station in the main kitchen.
The nearest defibrillator is located outside the Blue Ball pub which is situated just the other side of the church.

Can I bring my own electrical equipment?

Yes, but please ensure that any electrical equipment provided by you or a third party is safe.

What facilities do you have in the kitchen?

The kitchen has two ovens, two four-ring induction hobs, a microwave, kettle and two larder fridges ( one with ice-box ). We also have a hot water urn. There is a good selection of crockery, glasses and cutlery. We have a few small saucepans and some utensils but you may need to supply your own for any large-scale catering ( and pans will need to be suitable for induction hobs ).
There is a double sink with drainage area, plus a separate sink; hot water is included in the hire. There is a serving hatch into the recessed area of the main hall.
We do not have a dishwasher.

Can we cook in the kitchen?

Yes, so long as you wash up, put things away and leave the hall as you would expect to find it. Some tea-towels will be provided, but if you will be doing a lot of washing up then you might want to bring some more of your own.

I would like to hire the hall for a children's party, is the hall suitable?

Yes - our hall is ideal for children's parties. We do stipulate that the whole hall is booked to ensure that all persons on the premises are known to you. We do allow bouncy castles inside the hall, and local hire companies are familiar with it.

I would like to hire the hall for a teenage party, is the hall suitable?

No, we do not accept bookings for parties from the ages of 13 to 21. Sadly we have found that teenage exuberance is not necessarily compatible with village life.

Can we decorate the hall?

Yes, as long as you do not mark the walls, so we ask that you do not use blu-tack or sellotape. We have metal trusses spanning the hall from which you can hang decorations. We can provide a stepladder on request.

How many tables and chairs do you have?

We have 18 folding tables that measure 61cm by 183cm, plus 6 smaller baize topped folding tables, and 120 folding chairs that are stacked on racks. These are to be used inside the hall only, and can be stored out of the hall if you do not wish to use them. We have plastic coated tablecloths to use with these tables.
We have some chairs and wooden tables that are suitable for outside use; please let us know when booking and we will have them out for you.

How many people can fit in the hall?

Our premises licence allows for 120 people in the hall, including anyone involved in catering or entertainment. For a sit-down party we suggest that 100 is a comfortable maximum.

Can I arrive earlier than my booking time to set up?

No, all preparation and clearing away time must be included in your hire period.

Can we add extra time to our booking on the day of the event?

This is at our discretion and will depend on whether there is anything booked after your event. Any extra time will incur an extra charge.

Can I serve alcohol or run a bar?

If you are providing alcohol free of charge to your guests, or your guests are bringing their own, then there are no restrictions.
If you plan to sell alcohol then you, or your bar caterer, must apply to Rutland County Council for a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) License. This is a fairly straightforward procedure and does not cost very much, but we cannot do it on your behalf.
Note that if you are charging for entry, and alcohol is included in the price then this is deemed to be selling, and you must apply for a TEN.

What outside space do you have?

We have a fully enclosed garden to the front of the hall with a large lawned area. There is no access to the grounds at the rear of the hall.

Can I put up a bouncy castle in the grounds or inside the hall?

Yes, you can. Our insurance will not cover a bouncy castle, so any castle must be hired from a company that has public liability insurance to cover you in case of accident.
It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of children using it at all times and it must never be left unsupervised. We do allow indoor castles, and local hire companies are familiar with our hall.

Can I have a barbecue or hog roast in the garden?

Yes, as long as it is set up more than a metre away from the hedges.

Can I have a fish and chip van?

Yes, we have a small area of tarmac driveway outside the hall where a catering van can park.

Can I have a marquee?

Gazebos and small marquees are allowed in the garden, but please check with us when booking. Any garden structure must leave the central path clear for emergency access.
If you are running a bar this must be located inside the hall and not in a marquee.

Can we have fireworks, or launch chinese lanterns or balloons?

No. We are in a rural area and these present hazards to animals and the environment.

Can we have helium balloons inside the hall?

For environmental reasons we strongly urge you not to use these; helium is a finite resource and should be saved for more important uses.

What if we break something?

If you break anything please let us know; there is a book in the kitchen for this purpose.
For parties we will charge a refundable damage bond and reserve the right to deduct from this if any significant cleaning or damage costs are incurred.

Where do I pick up the keys?

The hall has a lockbox outside the main door, and you will be provided with the code and instructions for this before your booking. Please ensure that the key is replaced in the box when you leave.

What do we do with our rubbish?

Please ensure that you take all rubbish with you when you leave the hall as we do not have facilities for bulk refuse. There is a large bin in the kitchen which will have a black bin liner, but you will need to bring your own bags if you anticipate that you will need more than this.

What about cleaning after my booking?

Please ensure that the hall is left in the same condition in which you found it. Replace any tables/chairs to where they are stored, turn the cooker off, leave the kitchen tidy and remove your rubbish. There is a large broom which can be used to sweep the hall.
If you do feel that extra cleaning is required ( e.g from sticky spills ) then please let us know as soon as possible so that we can arrange it.

How do I turn on the heating?

The heating will be turned on for you before your booking starts.

Can we book our wedding reception in the hall?

Yes you can, but we only hire the hall out for weddings as a package which covers use of the hall from Thursday to Sunday, as experience has shown that most weddings need time to set up and clear away before and after the big day. Please contact us for details.

Anything we've missed?

If you have a question not covered by the above, then please get in touch by emailing info@braunstonvillagehall.co.uk.